Foto: Morten Mager

Crystalrally was arranged for the first time in 1970 at Femundsenden.

Morten Mager had an idea about a meet since he had been to the Elephant meeting and he wanted a Norwegian version of this arrangement. Leif Arnesen and Thor H. Gulbrandsen from Eidsvoll were the first one out to arrange Crystalrally. The first rally was ment as a single event in 1970 at that time.

In 1970 Crystalrally was arranged as a PO rally were the participants came from different starting points eventually everyone would end up at Femundsenden. The arrangement took place at Femund Hotel. The Crystalrally in 1970 was very successful. The three following years the arrangement took place at Narbuvollen in Os. In 1974 the Crystalrally was cancelled because of the oil crisis and in 1975 Morten Mager arranged the so called Holketreffet in Dalen, Telemark. In 1976 the Crystalrally awoke again and Leif Arnesen took care of that arrangement .

In the years after the Crystalrally has been arranged at the following places:

1976-1978 Savalen, 1979 Femund, 1980-1982 Savalen, 1983-1984 Beitostølen 1985-1986 Savalen, 1987-1991 Rondane, 1992 Væktarstua,1993-1998 Rondane, 1999-2000 Spidsbergseter, 2001-2002 Spåtind, 2003 Dalseter, 2004 Spidsbergseter, 2005-2007 Oset, 2008 Fefor, 2009 Fossheim, 2010-2011 Oset, 2012-2014 Spidsbergseter, 2015 Kvam, 2016 Røros, 2017-2020 Oset.

One person, named Odd Annar Kristiansen, has participated at all of the Krystal Rallies.  A lot of other people have participated several times at the Krystal Rally.

Thanks to all these faithful participants we are pleased to send out an invitation for the Crystalrally number 50.

We hereby invite you to send us stories and pictures from previous Krystal Rallies.

If you want to share your stories and pictures it might be from the Krystall Rally itself or travelling stories back and forth to the Krystal Rally. The main goal is to take care of all the good stories and maybe one day create our own Krystal Rally book.

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